Face Lift

What is face lift surgery?

Facelift surgery lifts and firms sagging facial tissues to restore a more naturally youthful facial appearance. By removing excess, sagging skin, smoothing deep folds, and lifting and tightening the deep facial tissues, a facelift surgery can help a patient look not just younger, but simply “better.

Why Have a Facelift?

As we age, skin begins to lose elasticity, and facial tissues lose volume. Eventually, this results in “jowls” on the lower face, deep wrinkles, and loose skin on the neck. While this is a natural part of growing older, patients who are bothered by these signs of aging may find a facelift to be a good solution.

When a facelift is an option to consider?
  • You feel self-conscious about the way your face & neck look due to sagging skin
  • You wear turtlenecks and scarves not because you want to, but because you want to hide your aging neck
  • When you see your reflection, you feel that your face makes you look much older than you feel
  • You feel that an aging appearance is negatively affecting your career or personal relationships
What is the advantage of this procedure?

Facelift surgery is a safe procedure and an excellent way to rejuvenate your appearance.

What is done in this surgery?

After making the initial incisions, the skin is separated from the underlying connective tissue and muscles. This allows the cosmetic surgeon to reposition the deeper facial tissues, get rid of the jowls and create a firmer foundation for the skin. Then, excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin is gently laid back over the newly rejuvenated facial tissues, giving the face a smoother, more youthful contour without over-tightening the skin.

What type of anaesthesia preferred for this procedure?

This procedure is done under general anaesthesia

How many days of hospital stay is needed for this procedure?

Two to three days of hospital stay is needed for this procedure

What is the disadvantage of this procedure?

Bruising and swelling will occur postoperatively which is normal after a facelift, and will be at their peak about 2 days after surgery. After that, bruising and swelling will gradually get better, and should be difficult to notice after about 10 to 14 days./p>

Brow lift

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, in which the loose forehead skin is tightened.

What are the benefits of brow lift?

1. Reduces the wrinkle lines that develop horizontally across the forehead, as well as those that occur on the bridge of the nose, between the eyes

2. Improves frown lines, the vertical creases that develop between the eyebrows

3. Raises sagging brows that are hooding the upper eyelids

4. Places the eyebrows in an alert and youthful position

What is done in this procedure?

Brow lifts can be performed in two ways. One is endoscopic method another one is open method.

INENDOSCOPE METHOD, the endoscope (a thin tube with a camera on the end) and special instruments placed through small incisions made within the hairline. This allows the tissue and muscle beneath the skin to be adjusted, correcting the source of visible creases and furrows in the forehead.

Endoscopic Face Lift in Coimbatore
Brow Lift in Coimbatore

IN OPEN METHOD, coronal incision is created from ear to ear across the top of the head within the hair-bearing skin. The forehead skin is then lifted and any muscle adjustment can be made under direct visualization. The resulting scar from a coronal brow lift is well concealed within the hair.

What are the postoperative instructions given to the patient?

Results will appear within a few weeks after which the swelling and bruising subside to reveal smoother forehead skin and a more youthful, rested appearance

Neck Lift Surgery in Coimbatore

Neck Lift

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the jawline and neck.

What neck lift surgery can treat

  • Excess fat and skin relaxation in the lower face that creates jowls
  • Excess fatty deposits under the chin
  • Loose neck skin
  • Muscle banding in the neck, which created abnormal contours
What anaesthesia preferred for this procedure?

Done under IV sedation or general anaesthesia.

What is the advantage of this procedure?

It is a day care procedure, patient may be discharged on the day of surgery.

What neck lift surgery can't do

As a restorative surgery, a neck lift does not change your fundamental appearance and cannot stop the aging process. A neck lift can only be performed surgically; nonsurgical rejuvenation treatments cannot achieve the same results, but may help delay the time at which a neck lift becomes appropriate and complement the results of surgery.

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